Doktorandensymposium: Research on Online Databases in History (RODBH 2019), 4./5. April 2019, Leipzig Doctoral Symposium on Research on Online Databases in History (RODBH 2019), April 4th-5th 2019, Leipzig
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The Doctoral Symposium is hosted by the Leipzig University of Applied Science, Faculty of Informatics and Media (HTWK) as part of the Research project Early Modern Professorial Career Patterns - Methodological research on online databases of academic history, in cooperation with the European Consortium on Data for History. A general meeting of the DfH Consortium is part of the workshop and includes the application of the OntoMe - Ontology Management Environment, a platform to design vocabularies using ontologies contributed by the participating Ph.D. students. The listed papers or abstracts have been accepted for presentation at the doctoral symposium and will be presented by the student.

Digital Edition Publishing Cooperative for Historical Accounts and the Bookkeeping Ontology

Christopher Pollin

Ontology of Occupations

Robert Nasarek

Marseille during the French Revolution, 1789-1794. Historical mapping test from GIS

Angelo Odore

Definition of the life cycle of cultural goods, a challenge for the knowledge engineering industry

Karl Pineau

“Refuge huguenot” database: Digital Humanities applied to a 17th century diaspora.

Julie Cosson

Automated Georesolution of Place Names in Serial Sources

Erik Radisch

Developing a Mediated Vocabulary for Video Game Research

Tracy Hoffmann

A first draft on a tool for ontology alignment tolerance

Loïc Jeanson