IX Workshop Héloïse – European Network on Digital Academic History

11th to 13th November 2019, Leipzig, Germany


Workshop Chair


The Heloise Common Research Model – Interlinked Repositories on Digital Academic History

Call for Abstracts and Papers

The European network Heloise on academic databases of universities was launched in May 2012. This network seeks to foster scientific meeting about the social history of universities in Europe since the Middle Ages, while reflecting on the implementation of technical tools and solutions for effective collaboration in the production, processing and provision of digital data and archives.

The 9th Heloise Workshop deals with research on online databases in the academic field of history. It gathers researchers from the Humanities, Computer Science and Digital Humanities who are using Semantic Web technologies and are concerned with Ontology building in their projects.

The Doctoral Symposium is hosted by Leipzig University of Applied Science, Faculty of Informatics and Media (HTWK) and the University of Leipzig Library as part of the Research project Early Modern Professorial Career Patterns – Methodological research on online databases of academic history, in cooperation with the European Consortium Academic History Heloise. A general meeting of the Heloise Advisory Board is part of the workshop.

Submissions will be judged mainly on relevance, originality, technical quality and clarity. Papers or Abstracts must be written in English following the LNI (Lecture Notes in Informatics) templates in Word or LaTeX provided by Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.. Papers allowed within the length between 4 and 8 pages, abstracts have to be at least one page. It is planned to publish the peer-reviewed papers.

The contributions may include a vocabulary of the applied research vocabulary under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License ("Public License"), if available in RDF format. All papers should be submitted using EasyChair (web link will be announced in mid-July).


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Prof. Dr. Thomas Riechert
Information Systems and Data Management

Research Group: "Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web"
Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig (HTWK) – Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Informatics and Media
Gustav-Freytag-Str. 42A, Zi. 507
04277 Leipzig, Germany

E-mail: thomas.riechert@htwk-leipzig.de
phone +49 (341) 3076 6413
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